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In Season: August

After eating our first Jersey tomato of the season and trying the first cherry tomatoes and peppers from my garden last week, it’s really starting to feel like summer! We’ve definitely been taking advantage of great deals at the farmer’s market and trying to keep up with the pick your own schedule (we can’t wait to pick Nectarines & Peaches later today). While July has been great, we can’t believe it’s just about August. Luckily that means a lot more of our favorite vegetables plus some great fruits like melons and pears will be in season!  Just like July, we’ve pulled together a list of what we’ll be seeing in August in the Mid-Atlantic region! We’ll also keep sharing all the delicious things we’re making with local produce so be on the look out for #InSeason posts!

Apples – While a few varieties of apples will start to ripen in August, we’ll have to wait until September for most.

Pears – The whole month of August is prime season for pears and we can’t wait to try out some new pear recipes this year!

Eggplant – You may have already started to see eggplant at your local farmers market, but if not, you definitely will by the beginning of August and they’ll stick around through most of September which makes it the perfect time to dust off your favorite eggplant parm recipe! 

Tomatoes – While tomatoes technically came into season in July, August is the best time to find the larger varieties. While any fresh tomato is great, our family is definitely partial to Jersey tomatoes since they remind us of summer and trips to the beach!

Cantaloupes – Cantaloupes should start popping up at farmers markets any time now, so you might want to consider making melon & prosciutto as an appetizer for your next summer get together!

Watermelon – Nothing says summer like a nice juicy watermelon! While watermelon is great on its own, we can’t wait to try it in everything from savory salads to cocktails!

There are also quite a few things from  June July  that are still In Season: Cabbage, Collards, Lettuce, Green Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Sweet Corn, Blueberries, Plums, Beets, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Peppers, Peaches, & Nectarines.