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In Season: July

While we had a great time in June checking out farmer’s markets and picking our own strawberries, I must admit that I’m super excited for July when more of my favorite fruits and vegetables come into season. Not to mention the fact that I’m dying for the tomatoes and peppers from my own garden to ripen! Just like June, we’ve pulled together a list of what we’ll be seeing in July in the Mid-Atlantic region! We’ll also keep sharing all the delicious things we’re making with local produce so be on the look out for #InSeason posts!

Blueberries – While you may have found blueberries at the end of June, most years you’ll definitely see them by early July.  Just in time for your red, white, & blue desserts for the 4th of July!


Blackberries – Your best bet at finding fresh blackberries is in the second half of the month

Raspberries – Throughout most of July you should be able to find fresh raspberries, but if you miss them don’t worry because fall bearing raspberries will start ripening late August through September

Peaches & Nectarines – While peach season in the south starts in June, you won’t find peaches & nectarines grown in the mid-Atlantic until the end of July

Plums – While this stone fruit is not as popular as peaches & nectarines, I think they are just as delicious. Keep an eye out for them mid-July through mid-August

Broccoli & Beets – Broccoli & beet seasons start in July they go through October, so you’ll have plenty of time to find fun ways to use these vegetables

Cucumbers –  I love cucumbers because they are so versatile and super low in calories! I like to use them in place of chips for hummus and other dips, in salads, or on their own with some salt & vinegar! With cucumbers in season all of July and most of August, I’ll definitely have a chance to use them in all sorts of things!
Peppers – By mid-July you should see peppers popping up at your local farmer’s market. The great news is we should continue to see them through October!

Onions – July is the prime month for onions which is perfect timing grilling them up for all sorts of meals from kabobs to burgers!
Tomatoes – Jersey tomatoes may be my favorite part about living here. Although we’ll have to wait for August for the season to be in full swing, throughout to July certain varieties will begin popping up. I can’t wait to make Tomato, Pepper, & Cucumber Salad and one of our family’s favorites – French Beef Salad!

Potatoes – Since potatoes are available through storage year round, we often forget that there is a prime season for getting them newly harvested, but there is and it’s the end of July through September.

Sweet Corn  – Along with fresh tomatoes and watermelon, nothing quite says summer like locally grown corn on the cob! It should be showing up in Farmer’s Markets near you in early July and sticking around through August!

There are also quite a few things from June that are still In Season: Cabbage, Collards, Lettuce, Green Beans, Yellow Squash, & Zucchini

If you don’t live around in the mid-Atlantic, you can find out here when things will be in season this July in your state.


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