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In Season: June

I’m sure all of you have heard that eating local produce is the way to go. While it’s great for the environment and economy, I think the most important reason to eat local is because it tastes better. When you’re buying local, you’re typically getting vine ripened fruits and vegetables that were picked a few days ago, not a few weeks or months ago.

IMG_2376If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region like we do, we are just coming into the prime season for eating local produce. There a few ways to know what’s in season at any given time, no matter where you live. The first way is to head out to your local farmers market, chances are what most stands are selling will be in season. Grocery stores also tend to advertise when they are selling local produce, especially places like Whole Foods. Even if your local store doesn’t point out local items, you’ll know you’re getting a fruit or vegetable that’s in season (whether it’s local or not) when you see the price dramatically drop thanks to the increase in supply. The third way to find out what’s in season in your area, is to contact your local farm that has a pick your own program. They will be able tell you what is available for picking now and what should be ready in the coming weeks. Picking your own fruits and vegetables at farms is not only a great way to get fresh produce at a good price, it’s also a fun way to spend a day enjoying the summer weather!

For those of you who are in the New Jersey & Pennsylvania, we’ve pulled together a list of what should be coming into season this June.

Strawberries – While you may have already started to see local strawberries, June is the prime month for these delicious berries


Cherries – You probably won’t see cherries until Mid-June, but make sure you get them when you see them since their harvest season is a bit shorter than most!

Blueberries – If we’re lucky this year we may begin seeing blueberries by the last week of June, if not we’ll have to wait for July.


Asparagus – Unfortunately, we’re already past prime season for asparagus (May), but you may still be able to find it through mid-June.

Spinach – Spinach season is already in full swing and will last through most of June.


Cabbage, Collards, & Lettuce – These leafy greens are in season now through the rest of the summer.

Green Beans – Also known as snap peas or string beans, these vegetables should find their way to your local farmer’s market by the middle of June.

Peas – Mid June through Late June you’ll have the best luck finding peas. Be sure to stock up and freeze any extra using these simple instructions.


Squash – By the end of June we’ll be able to break out our spiralizer for some delicious zucchini pasta! And with yellow squash & zucchini in season throughout the rest of summer, we’ll be able to make healthy “pasta” dishes into September!

If you don’t live around in the mid-Atlantic, you can find out here when things will be in season in your state. Also be sure to keep an eye out for posts with #InSeason throughout the summer for what we’re making using local fruits and vegetables as well as what will be in season in July & August!


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