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The Daily Soiree Takes a Hike

It’s been a crazy few months, but we’re finally back! No we didn’t get lost in the woods or eaten by a bear (although we did see one!), things have just been crazy busy since we last posted. But, we’re finally back and full of awesome stories, pictures, and a few tips from our trip… Continue reading The Daily Soiree Takes a Hike

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Battle of the Donuts: Portland

As a foodie, you know there are quite a few things you’ll need to try while visiting Portland, Oregon including great craft beer, delicious coffee, and some of the best farm-to-table (or pub) fare in the country. No top list of what to eat & drink in Portland would be complete without one of our… Continue reading Battle of the Donuts: Portland

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Drink Here: Portland’s Best Breweries

With over 65 breweries in Portland proper alone, it’s no surprise that Portland is known for it’s craft beers. Since there were quite a few beer lovers in our group, we set out to try as many as we could and managed to visit close to a third of the list! So what did we… Continue reading Drink Here: Portland’s Best Breweries

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Top 5 Places to Eat Lunch in North & NE Portland

As I’m sure you all have noticed, we’ve been slacking a bit in the blogging department over the past two months. Well the good news is we’re back! And the better news is that I’ve spent most of the past 6 weeks in Portland, Oregon for work and so I’ll be sharing all the great… Continue reading Top 5 Places to Eat Lunch in North & NE Portland

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Making the Most out of Conference Travel: Salt Lake City

We’re back with our Making the Most out of Conference Travel series talking about all things Salt Lake City, UT. I attended my first conference as a professional in Salt Lake City just over 5 years ago and this November, the conference circuit made its way back! As usual, I made it my mission to… Continue reading Making the Most out of Conference Travel: Salt Lake City

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Drink & Eat Here: Uinta Brewing

As I’m sure you know by now, whenever I travel for conferences I always try to check out some of the local sights and breweries. My trip to Salt Lake City last November was no different. While it may be a bit surprising, there are actually quite a few breweries and microbreweries in Salt Lake… Continue reading Drink & Eat Here: Uinta Brewing

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Eat Here: Ristorante Belforte

Four months ago today I was just starting my adventure in Italy. I have to say with that the cold weather this week has me dreaming of the warm sunny weather in Cinque Terre which in turn has me thinking of all the delicious food I had while there! While we didn’t have a bad… Continue reading Eat Here: Ristorante Belforte

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A Perfect Day in New York: Brunch & Broadway

What do you get your fashionista little sister for her college graduation and 22nd birthday? At first thought you might go with anything Lilly Pulitzer, but if that’s what your parent’s plan is, it gets a bit harder. How about tickets to a Broadway show that she has literally been dying to see for 7… Continue reading A Perfect Day in New York: Brunch & Broadway

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Eat Here: Garces Trading Company

Where do you go for a graduation luncheon in honor of a girl whose favorite channel is the Food Network? An Iron Chef’s restaurant of course! Last Thursday, we celebrated Tori’s graduation from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medical Laboratory Science with lunch at Garces Trading Company. We knew we wanted to have lunch at… Continue reading Eat Here: Garces Trading Company