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Eat Here: Uncle Dood’s Donuts

Happy National Donut Day! We woke up early this morning and headed about 40 minutes north of LBI to Toms River to celebrate with donuts from the best donut shop in New Jersey , Uncle Dood’s Donuts! Was it worth it? You betcha!

Uncle Dood’s makes some super delicious donuts. Unlike a lot of donut shops, all their donuts start out with a delicious cake donut which is crisp on the outside & fluffy on the inside and it’s not until you order that they get their toppings and fillings. Each month they have 21 flavors on their menu, 15 every day donuts along with 6 seasonals. We decided to spring for a box of 9, which at $10 was a steal. We went with 6 of their classics (Werewolf Fuzz, Vermont Swine, PB Cups, Bed Rockin’, Samoa, & Abominable) and 3 of their seasonals (Camel Chai, Lemon 3.14, & Hopper).

While there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch, we definitely had a few favorites. The first one we tried was the Camel Chai and we fell in love immediately with the contrast between the sweet caramel icing and the spicy chai tea sugar topping. We were also huge fans of the Vermont Swine which had more bacon than any maple bacon donut we’ve every tried! Being lovers of all things lemon, we couldn’t help but love the Lemon 3.14 with it’s delicious lemon filling (which was in the “hole” of the donut) & lemon cookie crumble. The only thing we didn’t love at Uncle Dood’s was the coffee, but the donuts more than made up for it. 

We can’t wait to head back to Uncle Dood’s later this summer when our whole family is at the beach so we can try even more of their flavors! If you’re in Toms River (or heck, within an hour’s drive) we highly recommend stopping in and picking up a little box of heaven!


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