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Summer Sweets: Blueberry & Peach Muffins

This past weekend, I went to the beach with a few friends that I used to work with. I, of course, offered to bring some baked goods along with breakfast meatballs. I wanted to make something that would be good for breakfast or a snack and so I settled on making muffins. After a bunch… Continue reading Summer Sweets: Blueberry & Peach Muffins

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30 Foods to Cook before 30: Poached Eggs

Since I was at home this weekend for my cousin’s son’s birthday, I figured it was a great chance to check an item off the list of 30 Foods to Cook before 30! I thought it would be fun to start with something I haven’t tried making before and poached eggs fit the bill perfectly!… Continue reading 30 Foods to Cook before 30: Poached Eggs

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In Season: August

After eating our first Jersey tomato of the season and trying the first cherry tomatoes and peppers from my garden last week, it’s really starting to feel like summer! We’ve definitely been taking advantage of great deals at the farmer’s market and trying to keep up with the pick your own schedule (we can’t wait to… Continue reading In Season: August

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Summer Sweets: Quick Breads

I am an avid reader of Food Network Magazine, and while there have been tons of great articles and recipes over the years, one of my absolute favorites was their Mix & Match Quick Bread. After making sorbetto with freshly picked strawberries a few weeks ago, it totally reminded me exactly how great it is… Continue reading Summer Sweets: Quick Breads

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In Season: July

While we had a great time in June checking out farmer’s markets and picking our own strawberries, I must admit that I’m super excited for July when more of my favorite fruits and vegetables come into season. Not to mention the fact that I’m dying for the tomatoes and peppers from my own garden to… Continue reading In Season: July

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Summer Sweets: Gelato & Sorbetto

While I love ice cream in all of it’s forms, I must say that the Italians do it best. Ever since our trip to Italy ten years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of gelato and sorbetto. A love that only intensified when my cousin gave me his gelato maker when he moved to Italy… Continue reading Summer Sweets: Gelato & Sorbetto

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In Season: June

I’m sure all of you have heard that eating local produce is the way to go. While it’s great for the environment and economy, I think the most important reason to eat local is because it tastes better. When you’re buying local, you’re typically getting vine ripened fruits and vegetables that were picked a few… Continue reading In Season: June