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Summer Sweets: Lemon Berry Trifle

With strawberries in season, and blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries not far behind, it’s the perfect time for berry desserts. One of my favorite desserts featuring fresh berries is my Lemon Berry Trifle. It’s incredibly quick and easy to make, but still looks and tastes like you spent hours making it.

Lemon Berry Trifle

Each layer contains three things: cake, lemon cream, and berries. While you can use a store bought pound cake, I typically use half a bundt cake of either my favorite lemon pound cake or Mildred’s Sour Cream Pound Cake. If you want to lighten the dessert up a bit, you can use one large angel food cake instead of the pound cake. My family is a huge fan of all things lemon and so that is our go to choice for the cream filling. For a different twist on the dessert, you can change up the flavor of the cream by replacing the lemon pudding with vanilla, cheesecake, or even chocolate pudding. Finally for the berries, I recommend using whichever berries you like that are in season. Depending on the occasion, you can serve the trifle in a large bowl or in individual glasses like I did here.

Lemon Berry Trifle Recipe

We hope you enjoy this versatile summer dessert as much as we do! Be sure to let us know what your favorite cake and pudding flavor combination is!


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