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Drink This: Sparkling Sorbetto

I am a huge fan of having a signature cocktail when I throw parties. While it doesn’t make sense for every party, I do feel it makes the event seem a little bit more special. One cocktail I can’t wait to make the centerpiece of my next party is a sparkling sorbetto.
I was inspired to make this drink last weekend after making massive amounts of strawberry sorbetto. To make a sparkling sorbetto you simply add one to two scoops of sorbetto to a champagne flute and then top it off with prosecco. It’s one of the most sophisticated looking drinks I’ve made in a while and it is definitely the easiest. While we made ours with strawberry sorbetto, I think raspberry, lemon, or peach would also be delicious. If you don’t have time to make your own sorbetto, you can definitely substitute store bought sorbet. Just make sure to pick a high quality sorbet and prosecco, because if they aren’t good on their own they won’t get better together! If you like a sweeter drink you can substitute the prosecco for a sparkling moscato.

We hope you love these drinks as much as we did! Be sure to let us know which combinations of sorbetto or sorbet and prosecco you like best!


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