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Italian Soiree 2015 Days 9 & 10: Bologna

After three jam packed days in Florence & Tuscany, I was definitely ready to slow down the pace a bit. Bologna was just what the doctor ordered. We let ourselves sleep in a bit and so even though it was only about a 35 minute train ride on the high speed train from Florence, we… Continue reading Italian Soiree 2015 Days 9 & 10: Bologna

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Summer Sweets: Gelato & Sorbetto

While I love ice cream in all of it’s forms, I must say that the Italians do it best. Ever since our trip to Italy ten years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of gelato and sorbetto. A love that only intensified when my cousin gave me his gelato maker when he moved to Italy… Continue reading Summer Sweets: Gelato & Sorbetto