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Battle of the Donuts: Portland

As a foodie, you know there are quite a few things you’ll need to try while visiting Portland, Oregon including great craft beer, delicious coffee, and some of the best farm-to-table (or pub) fare in the country. No top list of what to eat & drink in Portland would be complete without one of our… Continue reading Battle of the Donuts: Portland

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In Season: August

After eating our first Jersey tomato of the season and trying the first cherry tomatoes and peppers from my garden last week, it’s really starting to feel like summer! We’ve definitely been taking advantage of great deals at the farmer’s market and trying to keep up with the pick your own schedule (we can’t wait to… Continue reading In Season: August


Challenge Accepted: 30 Foods to Cook before you’re 30

If you are an avid delish.com reader like I am, you may have caught their post a few days ago titled 30 Foods to Cook Before You’re 30. Well delish.com, challenge accepted. With a little over 25 months until I hit the big 3-0, I figured I have more than enough time to complete their… Continue reading Challenge Accepted: 30 Foods to Cook before you’re 30

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Eat Here: Garces Trading Company

Where do you go for a graduation luncheon in honor of a girl whose favorite channel is the Food Network? An Iron Chef’s restaurant of course! Last Thursday, we celebrated Tori’s graduation from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medical Laboratory Science with lunch at Garces Trading Company. We knew we wanted to have lunch at… Continue reading Eat Here: Garces Trading Company

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How to: Throw an All American Barbecue

Nothing says summer picnic or the 4th of July like grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. The best thing about having the core of your menu be burgers and dogs is that you can make it as simple or gourmet as you want! If you go the simple route, all you need is high quality hamburgers… Continue reading How to: Throw an All American Barbecue

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In Season: July

While we had a great time in June checking out farmer’s markets and picking our own strawberries, I must admit that I’m super excited for July when more of my favorite fruits and vegetables come into season. Not to mention the fact that I’m dying for the tomatoes and peppers from my own garden to… Continue reading In Season: July

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Eat Here: Taphouse 23

Today we’re finishing out our Father’s Day week posts with a review of one of our dad’s favorite restaurants, Taphouse 23. There are a few reasons this restaurant makes it to the top of our dad’s list. One is as the name implies there are 23 beers on tap and a staff who can help you… Continue reading Eat Here: Taphouse 23

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What is the 2015 Milan Expo?

If you follow travel lists and blogs, you’ve probably heard that Milan has topped many lists of places to visit in 2015 due to the 2015 Milan Expo. Since I’ll be traveling to Italy this September (much more to come on that look out for posts with #italiansoiree2015) and hope to attend the expo, I thought… Continue reading What is the 2015 Milan Expo?

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In Season: June

I’m sure all of you have heard that eating local produce is the way to go. While it’s great for the environment and economy, I think the most important reason to eat local is because it tastes better. When you’re buying local, you’re typically getting vine ripened fruits and vegetables that were picked a few… Continue reading In Season: June

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Eat Here: Swift’s Attic

While I really enjoyed the time I spent this week in Austin, I must say that my lunch at Swift’s Attic was easily one of my favorite parts. I had first learned about Swift’s Attic from the TV show, Best New Restaurant on Bravo. I was ecstatic to learn that Swift’s Attic was not only in the… Continue reading Eat Here: Swift’s Attic