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In Season: August

After eating our first Jersey tomato of the season and trying the first cherry tomatoes and peppers from my garden last week, it’s really starting to feel like summer! We’ve definitely been taking advantage of great deals at the farmer’s market and trying to keep up with the pick your own schedule (we can’t wait to… Continue reading In Season: August

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Drink This: White Sangria

While I’m an equal opportunity sangria (and wine for that matter) drinker, I know there are many of you out there who just really do not like red wine and therefore stay away from red sangria. While a little less common than it’s red cousin, white sangria is equally delicious and easy to make! I… Continue reading Drink This: White Sangria

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4th of July Dessert: Mom’s Apple Pie

I know that people always says there mom’s pie, cake, or casserole is the best, I’m pretty sure my mom’s apple pie really is the best apple pie ever. While apple season doesn’t start until August, we typically start seeing apple pie at our family gatherings at the end of June since it’s my brother’s birthday… Continue reading 4th of July Dessert: Mom’s Apple Pie