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The Perfect Party Drink: Mini Wine Bottles

At Sarah’s Bridal Shower, we had mini wine bottles after seeing a few pictures of some on Pinterest. I am now convinced they are the ultimate party drink, especially if you were going to serve wine anyway. Plus, if you add a straw, it makes it that much more fun.


Because we had light appetizers and food, we stuck with mostly white wines and one kind of red. The mini bottles only had twist off caps so we didn’t have to worry about the corkscrew getting misplaced halfway through the party!

Accidents always happen, especially when alcohol is involved. However, between dancing and croquet, no one spilled an ounce and because the wine was contained in the bottle, we didn’t have to worry about it attracting bugs!

Depending on the occasion, you can have some fun with it. Consider doing mini champagne bottles instead of wine, changing the labels with something fitting for the event or using ribbon to attach a straw to each bottle.  BridalShower-20-2

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you how awesome having mini wine bottles is! Trust me, they’ll definitely be a hit at your next party and the individual bottles will be sure to make your guests feel special at the same time!


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