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Italian Christmas Cookies: Pizzelles

Pizzelles are anise flavored Italian wafer cookies that are made for special occasions and holidays like weddings, Easter, and of course Christmas! They also happen to be the oldest known cookie and so it’s no surprise that there are similar cookies throughout Europe such as Swiss Bratseli and Norwegian Krumkakes.


Unlike most cookies, pizzelles actually require some specialized equipment and so the first step to making pizzelles is to go out and get a pizzelle iron or baker. There are tons of options to choose from, although not as many as there used to be when families would get pizzelle irons personalized with their family crest. Be sure to keep in mind how large of a cookie you want to make when purchasing one. I like our family’s has because it makes large cookies that can be broken into four quarters.


Our basic pizzelle recipe is made with anise, lemon zest, and vanilla which gives it a great flavor that reminds me of Christmas growing up. Lately we’ve been making a half batch of traditional pizzelles and a half batch of  a chocolate variation to mix it up a bit. Both are delicious in their own way and really round out our cookie tray.


pizzelle (1)

Will pizzelles make it on your cookie tray this year? They definitely will be on ours. To find out what other cookies we’re making for Santa this year, be sure to check out our #12CookiesofChristmas posts!



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