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German Christmas Cookies: Spritz

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Since our St. Nicholas Day traditions come from Germany, I thought I’d share the recipe for another family tradition that comes from Germany, making spritz cookies! Spritz, or Spritzgebäck in German, comes from the German word spritzen which means to squirt. Like pizzelles, you’ll also need a bit of equipment to make these cookies since they require a cookie press. I really like this Kuhn Rikon one since it comes in a great case so you don’t lose any of your disks!


Once you have your cookie press, it’s time to pick up some Christmas sprinkles to decorate your cookies. A few of our favorites are red & green colored sugar, cinnamon imperials, and rainbow nonpareils. Now that you  have your press and decorations, you just need a great recipe. Our favorite recipe comes from the Betty Crocker Best Christmas Cookbook. Make sure you keep your dough cold and use cookie sheets that have been completely cooled for the best results with your press!


Will you be making spritz this year? They will definitely be on our cookie tray! Be sure to keep an eye out for #12CookiesofChristmas posts to find out what other cookies will be making an appearance on our cookie tray this year!


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