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30 Foods to Cook Before 30: Brownies

With my 29th birthday only a month a way, it’s definitely crunch time in knocking out the 30 Foods to Cook before 30 list! Last weekend I finally checked brownies off the list. Now of course I have made brownies many times in my almost 29 years, but this was the first time I made… Continue reading 30 Foods to Cook Before 30: Brownies

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Mommom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our Mommom makes the absolute best chocolate chip cookies. For year’s I have tried to recreate them, but even with her recipe they are never quite the same. So although mine pale in comparison, this past weekend I made a batch up for our Christmas cookie tray (#10 out of the #12CookiesofChristmas if you’re keeping… Continue reading Mommom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Italian Christmas Cookies: Pizzelles

Pizzelles are anise flavored Italian wafer cookies that are made for special occasions and holidays like weddings, Easter, and of course Christmas! They also happen to be the oldest known cookie and so it’s no surprise that there are similar cookies throughout Europe such as Swiss Bratseli and Norwegian Krumkakes. Unlike most cookies, pizzelles actually… Continue reading Italian Christmas Cookies: Pizzelles

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12 Cookies of Christmas: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Now that it’s December 1st, it’s officially okay to crank up the Christmas music and turn on those classic Christmas movies (or Hallmark Christmas movies, we won’t judge). It’s also time to start thinking about what Christmas cookies you’ll be making this year. Christmas cookies are a BIG deal in our family. We make 12… Continue reading 12 Cookies of Christmas: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

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Italian Soiree 2015 Day 1: Brussels & Segrate

Wednesday definitely feels like it was a whirlwind. After a flight that seemed to wiz by (with barely any sleep), we arrived in Brussels just before 8am local time. We wasted no time in getting through border control, freshening up, and storing our luggage and so by 10am we had made it to downtown Brussels.… Continue reading Italian Soiree 2015 Day 1: Brussels & Segrate