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Mommom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our Mommom makes the absolute best chocolate chip cookies. For year’s I have tried to recreate them, but even with her recipe they are never quite the same. So although mine pale in comparison, this past weekend I made a batch up for our Christmas cookie tray (#10 out of the #12CookiesofChristmas if you’re keeping track!) and also crossed them off the list of 30 Things to Cook Before 30!


Our Mommom swears she just uses the Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe, after some experimentation, I realized she may use it but she uses an older version with a different oven temperature. While the current recipe calls for the oven to be set at 375F, in my version we set the temperature to 350F. The result is a cookie that is the perfect mix of crispy and chewy. While in most cases, I’ll leave making the chocolate chip cookies to Mommom, I’m glad in a pinch I can make a pretty good approximation!

Chocolate Chip Cookie.png

What is your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe? How does ours compare?


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