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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

The #HolidayGiftGuide series is back again today and tackling stocking stuffers! Stocking stuffers can be some of the hardest gifts to buy. Not only do they have to be fun and personal, they also need to be small enough to fit in a stocking. Below I’ve pulled together some great options for stocking stuffers for both him and her. While I can’t guarantee every item will fit in your stockings, I am sure I wouldn’t mind finding any of these things in mine!


Lip Balm – Lip balm or chap stick is always a welcome gift whether your a guy or a girl. For the guys, I like this Earnest Supplies Lip Protect because it has sun screen in it plus is a matte finish so the men in your life don’t look like they stole your lip gloss! For the ladies, I like these EOS Holiday lip balms. I would buy the whole set, decorate them, and give them to multiple people (or keep some for yourself!). If you have a bit larger of a budget then definitely pick up this Fresh Lip Treatment. Not only does it hydrate your lips and come in a festive red tube, part of the proceeds go towards the fight against AIDS. 

Foldable Ballet Flats – Every time I go to wear high heel shoes out to a bar or party, I think I really need to get a pair of flats that can fit in my purse. I like that these are cute and fold up small enough to fit in a small purse.

Wine Stopper – While you could just re-use the cork, wine stoppers are so much fun. They come in all sorts of shapes and styles. This R2D2 stopper is great for the Star Wars lover. I also like this set that includes a wine stopper and wine charms. If stoppers aren’t your thing then why not try out these caps?

Pet Hair Remover – I don’t currently have a dog, but growing up with a dog and with grandparents who had cats, I must say that this Pet Hair Remover is ingenious. Any pet owner would definitely be excited to find this in their stocking!

Survival Pocket Tool – I can’t count the times I could have used a screw driver but was nowhere near my tool kit and had to try using a coin instead. This credit card sized tool includes everything from a screw driver to can opener and can easily fit in your wallet!

Mini Emergency Kit – Whether  your a guy or a gal, emergencies happen and having the right supplies on hand can really save the day. For the men, I love this Minimergency Kit. It has everything from shoe shine cloths to breath freshener and comes in a great little tin. For the ladies, I like the Style Emergency Kit by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. From anti-static spray to safety pins it will help you tackle any fashion emergency!

Adult Coloring Book & Crayons – Adult coloring books are all the rage these days. And it’s no surprise since who doesn’t love reliving the best parts of childhood? While most adult coloring books won’t fit in a stocking both the full size and mini coloring books from Team Art should fit in your average stocking. They come in lots of fun themes like Game of Thrones and Boy Bands. Just throw in a box of Crayola crayons and you have what might possibly be the best stocking stuffer ever!

Cufflinks – While the man in your life might not love having to put on a suit, he will love a great set of cufflinks that reflect his personality. They have everything from his favorite sports team to Avengers cufflinks out there. I really like these lego cufflinks since they are silver and won’t clash with your tie (or date’s dress) but are still a ton of fun.

Earrings – If the guys are getting cufflinks then the girls definitely need a nice pair of earings! I really like these reversible dainty sparklers from Kate Spade!

Klip Cable Protector – I have gone through about 3 lightening cords in the past year, which is why I think these Klip Cable protectors are pure genius. At $7 bucks a piece or $23 for a set of 5, these are a total steal especially if like me, your cord always seems to finally kick the bucket at the worst possible time.

Package Opener – Full disclosure, I have absolutely no idea whether or not this package opener will fit in a stocking, but I am pretty sure anyone who has lost the battle  with government plastic (and has the scars to prove it) will absolutely love it.

 Chocolate Orange – On my dad’s side of the family, getting an orange in your stocking is a tradition. It turns out this is pretty common and has a few different origins which you can read more about here. A chocolate orange is a great way to honor this tradition without having to worry about your oranges spoiling!

Bottle Opener – In my opinion you can really never have too many bottle openers since they always seem to go missing when you need them most. I think this one handed bottle opener is a great gift since is more unique than your typical bottle opener.

Will these items make it into your friends’ and family’s stockings? What other fun stocking stuffers should be on our list?

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