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Holiday Gift Guide: The Entertainer

Whether you need a gift for the host/hostess of the party you’re going to this weekend or a Christmas gift for the Martha Stewart in your life, we’ve got you covered with some awesome gift ideas. Being the Martha Stewart in my friend group, I am constantly planning my next party and looking for the gadgets to make it go more smoothly and accessories to take it to the next level. Below you’ll find some of my favorite things that I’ve purchased recently or have made it onto my wish list!HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE- THE ENTERTAINER (1).png


Under $25

Three Tier Plate Stand  – No matter how large your kitchen or dining room is you are always going to be short on space when throwing a large party which makes tier plate stands a great gift. They are perfect for appetizers and desserts. You can buy ones that have built in plates, but personally I like just the stand since then you can put in your own dishes and lift them off to pass around the table when you’re having a sit down meal!

Savannah Bee Products  – Savannah Bee Company is one of Tori’s and my favorite stores. We love just about everything they make. If your entertainer enjoys tea then you might want to try out their Tea Gift Set. Other great gift ideas are a 12oz jar of honey and pump (we recommend Tupelo or Honey for Cheese!). If you have a larger budget you might want to get their Handcrafted Wine Barrel Honeycomb Platter!

Rack Pack Wine Storage – I love that this wine rack can hold anywhere from 1 to 12 bottles of wine. If you have a bit more room in your budget, throw in a bottle of wine to really complete the gift.

Wine & Brix Chocolate – This is a great host/hostess gift. You just pick out a bottle of either red or white wine and then buy the correctly paired Brix Chocolate 3 oz Hang Tag. If you want to give the present a little extra holiday flare, pick up a Christmas wine sweater. Also be sure to check out Brix’s gift sets and variety packs if you have a larger budget!

Brie Baker – We love brie and a brie baker makes serving brie hot a breeze. There are tons of versions some of which even come with a topping mix and recipes. Just make sure you get one that is microwave safe so on the off chance there are leftovers you can reheat them the next day!

Under $40

Cocktail Swiss Army Knife – I just got this cocktail/bartender swiss army knife for St. Nicholas Day and I can’t wait to use it! It has all the tools for your bartender needs from a muddler to a bottle opener. While online they are about $40, keep an eye out at HomeGoods where I’ve seen them for about $20!

Himilayan Salt Mortar & Pestle – A mortar & pestle has been on my list of things to buy for a while, but to be honest I never really had a real need for one. Once I learned about Himilayan Salt mortar & pestles though that all changed. I love that you can use them to not only make guacamole and dips but also take them to the next level.

Wine Aerator – I learned how to drink wine while studying abroad in Paris and the one thing the wine club stressed was aerating the wine. It is absolutely amazing the difference it can make. The Vinturi wine aerators are great. They make them for both red and white wine so you can buy both or just one and pair it with a bottle of wine!

Cheese Tray & Knife Set – There are a ton of options for cheese tray sets which means you can really personalize this gift. I like ones that have a marble or slate center of a wooden tray that has room for crackers. This is definitely something you should look for at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx since they have the best deals!

Under $100

Wooden Tea Chest– I’m a pretty big tea drinker, and so is most of my immediate family. While we usually make tea by the pot, I love the idea of having a tea chest to bring out at holidays and dinner parties. I really like the offerings that Bigelow has especially since you can personalize them.

Drink Dispenser – Drink dispensers are great for parties since you can make up a big batch of anything from iced tea to sangria and not have to worry about constantly refilling a pitcher. There are a lot of designs out there, but I really like this one since its base turns into a beverage tub.

Mariposa Platters, Bowls, & Trays – Mariposa is great because not only is it high quality and pretty, it is also a neutral color, silver. That makes it go well with anything from everyday dishes to fine china. While you can find pieces of Mariposa occasionally at HomeGoods, if you want a particular piece you’ll have to pay a bit more.

Over $100

Wine Refrigerator – Wine refrigerators are great gift options for the entertainer or wine lover in your life. I like the ones with two zones so you can keep both your reds and whites at the right temperature. Just be sure to keep in mind the cost to run the wine refrigerator when deciding which one to buy.

Christmas China – Growing up the Christmas season always felt a bit more special with our Spode Christmas Tree China. While Christmas Tree is my favorite pattern, there are tons of options by both Spode and Lenox. A few place settings will easily set you over $100, but the great thing is once you have the basic pieces you can pick up serving pieces and accessories for years to come!

Are your favorite entertaining gifts on our list? If not let us know! Also be sure to check out our other #HolidayGiftGuide posts!

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