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Chocolate Hazelnut Lovers Cookies

This year my mom picked up a new Cuisine at Home Christmas dessert special edition. As soon as we saw the picture of their Nutella Cookies we knew we had to give them a try.

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They were pretty easy to mix up, just be sure to remember you’ll need to make up the dough at least 4 hours in advance (or overnight like we did). The dough when it comes out of the refrigerator will be pretty hard so you’ll really have to push the chopped hazelnuts into them. We over baked ours slightly since we waited for them to be fully set before removing from the oven. To get them perfect, you’ll want to remove them from the oven as soon as the edges have set since they’ll continue to set as they cool. The cookies have a similar texture and look as crinkle cookies with an amazing chocolate hazelnut flavor.

Nutella Cookie Recipe

I have a feeling these will be a favorite on this year’s cookie tray! Check out all our #12CookiesofChristmas posts to find out what other recipes made the cut!


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