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Summer Cocktails: S’mores Pudding Shots

Happy National S’mores Day! We thought we’d celebrate the 90th anniversary of s’mores by sharing one of our new pudding shot recipes: s’mores pudding shots! We made these for a party earlier this summer and they definitely did not disappoint.


We used Hershey’s dark and white chocolate pudding and vodka for the bases and then mixed in marshmallow fluff for the marshmallow layer and graham cracker crumbs for the graham layer. While they are a bit more work than the average pudding shot, since you have to make each of the three layers, the end result was totally worth it. The easiest way to assemble them is to use icing piping bags, but in a pinch carefully using a knife like we did also works.

S'mores Pudding Shot Recipe.png

These pudding shots are perfect for any summer bash! We hope your friends & families love these as much as ours do!