My July Shopping Haul

Between my graduation and my birthday, I’ve gotten a ton of new things this month and I thought it would be fun to do another haul post (check my first one here). Between new shoes, tons of jewelry and some subscription boxes, July has given me plenty of things to be excited about!

While I haven’t bought any new clothes this month (shocking, I know) I did pick up two new pairs of shoes. I’ve been looking for short booties since last fall, so I was excited when I found this black pair in Kohl’s clearance section for less than $25. I have also been on the hunt for a good pair workout shoes and these Asics are the best. They are so unbelievably comfortable which makes them also great for walking around as well. I got these at Famous Footwear in clearance for under $45.

Oh, how I love a good statement necklace, especially when it comes with matching earrings (just not toomatchymatchy). My mom picked up this one for me while shopping at T.J.Maxx. This statement necklace is really perfect because I recently got those hippy sunglasses (shown in the first photo and in this post) and needed something that mixes my preppy style with a little bit of an edgy flare. The spikes and the pearls achieve just that and for $20 it was a steal. This is the second Bella Jack necklace I have, the first being an adorable coral and gold seahorse necklace that my incredible best friend and wedding guest blogger, Sarah, mailed to me for a “just because,” (aka just because she’s the greatest best friend ever). Bella Jack is pretty common at T.J.Maxx nowadays and they have great selection so it’s definitely worth checking out! 

These necklaces, both from Dogeared, have instantly become some of my favorite everyday pieces. The 100 Good Wishes necklace is actually one long necklace which can be doubled up if you want a shorter necklace. I usually layer the 100 Good Wishes with the compass necklace for a fun new look.

Shout out to my (sorority) Little and best friend, Mary, for these TO. DIE. FOR. Marc Jacobs post earrings. I literally was just telling my mom last week how I wanted nice simple gold earrings and these are absolutely perfect. I’ve been wearing them with my layered Dogeared necklaces for a simple and dainty look.

It’s no surprise that I love all things Lilly Pulitzer,  so I was SO excited when my awesome brother and sister-in-law got me these for graduation. Lilly phone cases are those things I always want to buy but can’t justify spending the money on and the Lobstah Roll print was one of my favorites last year so this phone case had me over the moon. This is the small Scuba to Cuba agenda which is perfect for my less hectic life now that I’ve finished school and is a great size to throw into any bag.
It was the week before my birthday and I saw one of those sponsor ads on Facebook which I usually ignore but this one had mentioned “FREE BOX” so it piqued my interest. Julep has a subscription box (aka the Maven box) and I love subscription boxes and think they’re the best gift (read my post here). They had been offering a free box for my birthday (well it was actually $2.99 because of shipping) so I figured what’s the harm in signing up. I double checked all the terms to make sure I wasn’t accidentally signing up for a year long subscription of boxes which are normally $25/month and found out all I had to do was call and cancel my subscription before the 27th of the month. This box came with some really great products including two nail polishes, one a deep red and the other a corally-red (each one is $14), a konjac cleansing sponge (usually $12) and a waterproof gel eyeliner in charcoal (about $16). For only $3, this box was a steal and I can’t wait to try everything! I finally got my FabFitFun summer box last week and I am really excited to try out everything! I was a little bummed that I got the “green box” (well it’s a teal-turquoise green) instead of the pink box but it wasn’t a huge deal. I got it in the mail right before I was about to head to Connecticut on Friday so I haven’t gotten a chance to use a lot of the products. The one I did use was the Inkling roll on perfume and I really like it. The scent is kind of spicy with an undertone of florals. The size is great for traveling or throwing into a gym bag for last-minute freshening up. P.S. remember if you are looking at ordering a FabFitFun box use this link to get $10 off!
This is the rose gold necklace I also got in the FabFitFun box. I’m not a huge rose gold but I’m interested to see how it pairs with some of my clothing.

I’ve been looking at sponges ever since my sister-in-law suggested one and read about it from our guest blogger Sara Vogel on her Summer Essential makeup post. This one was $3.99 at T.J.Maxx and figured it wouldn’t be a huge waste if I don’t like it in comparison to a brush!

Overall, this month has brought me a ton of great finds and gifts! Have you found any great deals this month?


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  1. These are beautiful photos- the quality of all of them is really great! What do you use to take your photos? And I just got a Lilly Agenda too! I”m dying for it to reach August so that I don’t have to wait any longer to actually use it!!!



    1. We actually just use an iphone with the HDR on! But our secret is using the app, Snapseed, which is free right now! It seriously does wonders for our photos! And we are right there with you on the Lilly agenda! I’ve already started adding things to new my new agenda so I can pretend like it’s time to start carrying it around with me!

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      1. All your photos look so great! I’ll have to try that out, thank you! And me too with the agenda, haha 🙂


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