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Birthday Edition: 22 Things About Tori

There’s only one thing that anyone needs to do on their 22nd birthday, and that is listen to Taylor Swift’s song “22” all day long. To celebrate another year gone by (and a crazy one at that) I’m going to let y’all get to know me a little better with “22 Things About Me.” With that being said let’s get started!

  1. Biggest Fear: all and every kind of bug, even butterflies when they get too close! I blame that one Spongebob episode for that.
  2. Pet Peeves: When someone doesn’t hold the door open for you when you are literally right behind them and the sound of people eating corn on the cob. Seriously, next time you’re with someone eating it, listen because it sounds so gross.
  3. Favorite Holiday: I’d have to go Easter with this one! Easter holds some of my absolute favorite foods and there aren’t many more things I love more than food.IMG_0833
  4. Favorite Song Currently: “Where Are U Now feat. Justin Bieber” by Skrillex and Diplo. Alright, don’t judge me because at first I really did not like this song at all and now I’m sort of super obsessed. Sorry!!
  5. Favorite Movie: Anything Sci-Fi or Action packed. I was pretty much raised on James Bond and Star Trek so most of those movies are my favorite. On the other hand, a movie that is not my favorite but for some reason I can watch it over and over and over again is Ratatouille. I don’t know why but it never gets old for me.
  6. Favorite Food: Does hot sauce count? I probably go through a large bottle (Franks is my favorite) in less than a month. Whoops.
  7. Drink of Choice: if we’re talking coffee here, get me a french vanilla Red-Eye with 2 splenda and I’ll be happy (and extremely hyper) all day. If we are talking alcohol, honey whiskey over everything.
  8. Favorite vacation spot: as much as I love heading down the beach to LBI, I’d have to say that Charleston has officially become my #1 vacation spot. I get oddly emotional thinking about how much I really love it there. IMG_0314
  9. Favorite Dessert: German Chocolate Cake. What could go wrong combining caramel, chocolate and coconut. Nothing that’s what.
  10. Coolest Thing Thats Happened To Me: I was in a coffee shop in Nashville last summer talking about Hunter Hayes, one of my favorite country singers. My friends and I left to go shopping but when we stopped back in, sitting in the seat I was literally just in 15mins before was HUNTER HAYES. Greatest moment ever.
  11. Favorite Sport: if I’m watching it, definitely college football or hockey. If I’m doing it, swimming is my favorite by far.IMG_4086
  12. Favorite meal: Breakfast is so good because you can go sweet or savory and tater tots are my life.
  13. Cool hobbies: I’ve been playing the cello for 16 years! I started back when I was 6 years old!
  14. Guilty Pleasure TV Show: The Bachelorette. The drama is so perfect. But, if I could, I would totally be down to try to get on this season of The Bachelor for a chance to date Ben H. *swoon*
  15. Dream Vacation: Iceland or Scotland/Ireland for sure. Iceland comes out on top for the chance to see the Aurora Borealis
  16. Dream Car: 1967 Mustang Shelby convertible! All those old school muscle cars are just beautiful. If I had to go modern, give me a Tesla!
  17. Favorite Latest Purchase: Today, I bought those round rainbowy lens hippy-ish sunglasses and oh man, am I in love with them!  
  18. Something New I’ve Tried and Loved: bright lipstick! I’ve been rocking a hot pink and coral-red recently!
  19. Something New I’ve Tried and Hated: high-rise flowy shorts and rompers were not made for my body. So sad.
  20. Dream Job: fashion photographer because it would combine my 2 loves and would allow me to be creative all day long!
  21. Favorite Accessory: my parents bought me a Dogeared necklace for graduation and it is so perfect! It’s long enough to double layer and super dainty. They also just got me another one (literally just opened it as one of my birthday presents) and it’s the cutest litle compass and I absolutely adore it. 
  22. One Thing I Want To Do in the Next 5 Years: Go on a mission trip! My friend Sarah who guest posts for #WeddingWednesday went to Haiti a few years back and has definitely inspired me to go on one!

Woohoo! That was harder than I thought. More exciting news though, 2 weeks ago I officially graduated from my program with University of Pennsylvania and yesterday I passed my board exam so now I AM OFFICIALLY LICENSED & CERTIFIED as a Medical Laboratory Scientist! Oh, and I have an interview tomorrow morning! Wow, life has been a whirlwind and I am so excited to see what 22 brings my way!

PS. Thanks to my girl, Heather Pavlik for this post idea (totally stole it, sorry)! Y’all should definitely check out her blog, she is a Registered Dietician/Real Food Lover who also just moved ACROSS THE COUNTRY to work in San Francisco, CA!


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