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Food Obsessions: July

Ever since I wrote about my June food obsessions, I’ve been keeping an eye out for things to include in July’s edition. Lucky for me, this month’s obsessions, OREO Thins and World Famous Hot Sauce LBI Love Potion & Hot Shake, practically found me.

OREO Thins

Mint OREO ThinsOne of the many benefits of working for a food company is trying out products well before they make it on store shelves. It’s not often, however, that I’m counting down the days until the launch day of a new item so I can go out to the store and buy them. OREO Thins is definitely an exception to the norm though! You may have heard some critics complain about why anyone would want a slimmer OREO, but I’m here to tell you that while OREO Thins may weigh a bit less they have the perfect cream to cookie ratio and a super satisfying crunch. While I love all three flavors, my favorite is definitely mint. If an OREO and a Thin Mint had a baby it would be the OREO Thins Mint. Needless to say, you should probably be getting in your car right now and heading to the grocery store to pick some up!

World Famous Hot Sauce’s LBI Love Potion & Hot Shake 

World Famous Hot Sauce's LBI Love Potion & Hot Shake

If you read our post about the Hop Sauce Festival, you already know that World Famous Hot Sauce’s LBI Love Potion was my favorite hot sauce out of all the ones I’ve tried. Which is saying a lot, because while hot sauce may not quite be my favorite food like Tori, I do still love hot sauce it all its forms and flavors. I’ve really enjoyed swapping out my typical use of Frank’s Hot Sauce for LBI Love Potion which packs a bit more vinegar and significant more punch in the spice department. While I really love LBI Love Potion, I must say if I could only have one I think I would have to choose the Hot Shake. Hot Shake’s flavor is a mix of hot sauce and old bay seasoning. I’ve enjoyed adding it to chicken for chicken quesadillas and stir fried vegetables. I also think it would make an awesome french fry seasoning, because who wouldn’t love crabby fries with a kick!?!? As summer continues I see Hot Shake making it’s way onto grilled pork chops, steak, and maybe even as a seasoning for scrambled eggs!