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Memorial Day Dessert: Lemon Berry Tiramisu

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Our family celebrated with a weekend at the shore and of course some delicious food! As usual, I was in charge of dessert and wanted to try making something new. I knew it had to include berries since not only are they in season, they are also the perfect patriotic colors!… Continue reading Memorial Day Dessert: Lemon Berry Tiramisu

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What To Wear: Lilly For Target

It feels like just yesterday I was up all hours of the night trying to navigate the Lilly For Target launch. A month later and with a recent streak of warmer weather, I am now able to enjoy my purchases. My favorite purchase by far was the pink “See Ya Later” shift dress which I was… Continue reading What To Wear: Lilly For Target

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Memorial Day Dessert: Sour Cream Apple Pie

Ever since we had the Warm Sour Cream Apple Pie at Slightly North of Broad, I’ve been waiting for a chance to recreate it. I figured that Memorial Day was a great opportunity to give it a try, especially since our family along with a few of our aunts, uncles, and cousins all go down… Continue reading Memorial Day Dessert: Sour Cream Apple Pie

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Drink This: Adult Fruit Smoothie

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, it’s finally time to break out those fruity cocktails that everyone loves (even if you don’t want to admit it). While I love a good fruity cocktail, I am not a fan of overly sweet drinks. That is why I love this adult fruit smoothie recipe.… Continue reading Drink This: Adult Fruit Smoothie

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What’s In My Beach Bag?

Memorial Day Weekend means one thing, the start of the beach season. Like a lot of people, my family and I will be heading down to the shore to enjoy the warm weather and celebrate the holiday. With that said, it’s time to start putting together all your beach essentials. To help you out, I’ve… Continue reading What’s In My Beach Bag?