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Great Ways to Celebrate Craft Beer Week

In case you haven’t heard, this week is Craft Beer Week! While we never need an excuse to drink great beer, we will definitely be cracking open a few of our favorite brews to celebrate. No matter where you live there a few ways you can get in on the fun. Craft Beer


  1. Visit a Local Brewery for a Tour or Tasting – Tori & I have been on our fair share of brewery tours and we always manage to learn something new. A few of our favorite tours were at Uinta Brewing, Yards Brewing, Austin Beerworks, Brooklyn Brewing, Abita Brewing Company, & Yuengling. FullSizeRender (21) Austin Beerworks
  2. Grab a Brew at your local Beer Bar –  If your town is anything like mine,  your local beer bar (or bars) will have at least one tap take over this week. Even if they don’t head over and try out a new beer or an old favorite!  IMG_0095 IMG_4297
  3. Have a Tasting Night at Home  – Invite over a few friends and tell them all to bring a six pack or a growler of craft beer. Spend the night trying out new beers and relaxing with good friends. Personally, I recommend picking up a few Oregon IPAs especially if you can find some from my favorite Portland BreweriesSummer Beer Rating IMG_2668

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