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Shop Here: Savannah Bee Company

If you have been keeping up with our posts from our vacation last week, you already know that Tori and I checked out the Savannah Bee Company’s flagship store while in Savannah last Wednesday. It’s not often that Tori and I find a store that both of us can spend over an hour browsing in, but Savannah Bee has joined that list.

At the flagship store on Broughton St. in Savannah, you walk in and are greeted by a honey bar where you are encouraged to taste all of their different types of honey while knowledgeable staff walk you through the differences between each kind.

We were even able to try a piece of honeycomb paired with a granny smith apple which was also super delicious. Our favorite honey was the Tupelo Honey that comes from bees that drink the nectar of the flowers of the White Tupelo Trees in Southeastern US swamps which only bloom for two weeks every spring.


After trying all of the honey, and browsing through the different sizes and gift packages you can buy, you move into the skin care section. We are huge fans of the hand cream, body butter, and lip balms, but they also had body wash, travel kits, and soaps. Tori can’t stop raving about her lip balm (she has the Tupelo). Her lips tend to crack in the colder weather and she hasn’t had a problem since she started using it… serious miracle worker! The body butter and hand cream come in really cute jars which are put into even cuter boxes. The smaller sizes are under $15 which make them a perfect gift! The hand cream is really great for anyone who washes their hands a lot. It stays on for up to 3 washes and keeps your hands moisturized and soft all day!


Finally, at the back of the store, you come to the mead section. The centerpiece of the mead section is a bar where for $5 you can taste 5 different meads that Savannah Bee has brought in from meaderies across the country. If you haven’t heard of mead before, it’s an alcohol made from actual honey which gives it a sweet taste that’s perfect for summer. We were able to try meads made with hops, fruit, & spices. Our favorite was the dry hopped, carbonated mead from Redstone Meadery in Boulder, CO called “Nectar of the Hops.” While we tasted, the bartender told us all about the history and types of mead and what made each one we were trying special. She also told us that the meads that are included in the tasting rotate throughout the year, so, there is always something new to try, even if you are a local.

If you aren’t from the Savannah or Charleston where their stores are located, or are planning a trip there soon, don’t worry you can still try Savannah Bee products. They are sold nationwide at Whole Foods. I have also found their products at my local Bed, Bath, & Beyond in their World Market section. While at the store, one of the staff also told us they had just signed a deal with Target and so most of their products should start showing up at your local store soon. If all else fails, they also sell their products online here. While on their website, be sure to check out their blog! They post about new products and recipes for everything from honey nut bars to brightening honey face masks. I can’t wait to try out a few!