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Soirée Goes South: Day 7

It’s so bittersweet, the last day of our vacation has already come and gone. It’s been an amazing week and we can’t wait to come back again (hopefully very soon, hint hint Mom & Dad). We once again chose to sleep in as in we made it until about 8:30am before getting up to head to our free continental breakfast. After eating, we quickly threw on our bathing suits to head to the beach which was just right out the back door of the hotel. It was a little breezy when we first got out there so we decided to walk down the beach to grab coffee for me and chai tea for Kate. After our stroll back to our section of the beach, the weather had finally warmed up and the wind died down to create a beautiful warm sunny beach day.

We laid out for a few hours before grabbing sushi for lunch.

It was finally time for the Hilton Grand Vacation presentation that Kate had been dreading since she accidentally signed up for it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t so bad and we were finished in less than two hours, 10,000 points and a $200 credit richer for our troubles. After that it was time to run back to our hotel to put on some long pants since the wind had picked back up again. Dressed for a windy spring day, we headed over to Atlas for a craft brew while we figured out what to get for dinner. Our dinner options were a bit limited between the fact that we couldn’t eat any more fried seafood this week and it being a Friday in Lent (aka no meat). We finally headed over to Black Thai. The red curry and drunken noodles hit the spot.

 Thanks for following along on here and on instagram @TheDailySoiree ! It was a ton of fun sharing our southern spring break adventure with you. Hopefully, we can do it all again soon!