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Eat Here: Fuller’s BBQ

With a drive as long as 10 hours, pit stops on our way to Charleston, SC were a must. We decided to stop twice on the drive down, once to fill up the gas tank and another time for lunch. Fuller’s BBQ is right off of I-95 and has gotten great reviews online, so we decided to stop in for what was my first time experiencing authentic southern food.   They have platter options but on Saturday’s an all day buffet for $11.95 seemed too good to be true. It took about 10 minutes to be seated which wasn’t too bad. Even when we were leaving around 2:30pm, the restaurant was just as busy as when we got there. The buffet is slightly insane with 30+ options plus a salad bar and dessert section.

Our only complaint about the buffet was nothing was labeled so with some things we weren’t quite sure exactly what we were eating. Overall, the food was delicious! Our favorites were definitely the fried chicken (both plain and bbq), smoked ribs, mashed potatoes and the strawberry shortcake dessert.

The staff was great about clearing our old plates fairly quickly and keeping our water glasses full.

Ratings: Atmosphere: B ♦ Service: A ♦ Drinks: A-