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Soirée Goes South: Day 6

Going non-stop for five days straight starts to wear on you, so today we decided to let ourselves sleep in a bit, which in our case meant waking up about the same time just without an alarm. After taking our time to get ready and enjoy our complimentary breakfast, we decided it would be worthwhile to try to take a last minute tour of the city. Lucky for us, the 10:30am tour by Free Savannah Walking Tour still had space. Since we were dressed, packed, and checked out by 9:45am, we wandered down to Paris Market before our tour since we had heard it was a really cool shop/cafe.  

Paris Market definitely lives up to its reputation. The store is super cute and full of all sorts of interesting items. The real star of the shop in my opinion, was the cafe. I ordered an iced chai, which was definitely the best iced chai I have ever had (which is saying something because as a non-coffee drinker, chai is my drink of choice when I need a caffeine boost)  and Tori also thought her blackberry-almond cappuccino, recommended by the barista, was delicious. I was very excited to see they had pastries from Back in the Day Bakery. I had come across Back in the Day while reading up on Savannah and had hoped to go but realized with our limited time, walking that far out of the historic district wasn’t really practical and so of course we had to get a mini cupcake to split. The cake was on the more dense side, but not dry and the chocolate icing was delicious.


Once we were fully caffeinated, it was time to head over to Johnson Square to meet our tour guide Chris for our Historic Savannah Tour. After Chris had found everyone in our group (only 4 of us total), he began taking us on a journey both literally and figuratively through Savannah’s rich history. As we walked from Johnson Square to Forsyth Park, Chris pointed out interesting sites, and told us stories about everything from ghosts to Revolutionary generals. He also pointed out interesting sites in pop culture such as where Forrest Gump was filmed. One of our favorite parts of the tour, was learning about Savannah’s defining aspect, its squares, which were actually originally intended to be used for military purposes since Savannah’s main role when it was founded was to provide a miliary strong-hold between Spanish Florida and South Carolina.

After our tour, we decided to take a slightly different route back towards the river so we could stop by the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

The church, which was built by French immigrants, is one of the prettiest I have ever seen and was definitely worth the stop. The stained glass and architecture definitely rivals many of the churches I have seen in France and Italy.

After leaving the church, we were both hungry and decided to grab lunch at a cafe I had found on Yelp. Papillote was the perfect fit for our day. Their sandwiches came out quickly, but were still delicious.

After eating we went to check out City Market to do a bit of shopping before heading back to our car. When planning out our week, we knew we wanted to break up the four-hour drive between Savannah and Myrtle Beach and so we settled on stopping at Bowen’s Island Restaurant just outside of Charleston to get some dinner. The fresh caught & steamed oysters, seafood basket, and local brews were the perfect way to break up our drive. The stunning views of the water and setting sun, didn’t hurt either.

Stomachs happily filled with oysters, we hopped back in the car to finish out the last two hours of driving. We took route 17 which was a relaxing and pretty ride crossing over all sorts of rivers and marshes. We finally arrived in Myrtle Beach around 8:30pm, checked in, and decided to make it an early night so we can wake up bright and early to enjoy the beach.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how we spent our day in Myrtle Beach. Plus keep up with us all week as we post live to instagram! Follow us @TheDailySoiree or search #SoireeGoesSouth.