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Whole30 Approved: Packaged Foods

Since Tori and I are just about half way through our Whole30, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite Whole30 approved packaged foods. Some of them, like LÄRABARs, we’ve been fans of for a while and others I discovered in the past week as I tried to figure out how I was going to survive a business trip to Mexico without breaking the rules or starving! Not surprisingly, trying to find Whole30 options in the airport was next to impossible so I’m glad I was prepared. Below you’ll find what foods I included in my travel Whole30 survival kit!

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LÄRABAR – LÄRABARs are absolutely awesome. I really hate forcing myself to eat foods that I don’t enjoy and so taste is pretty important and LÄRABARs really score high on that front. They are also a great fruit and nut alternative for when your travelling and don’t have access to fresh fruit. A few of my favorite flavors are cashew cookie, apple pie, coconut cream pie, lemon pie, and carrot cake! Just be careful to read the ingredients since not all flavors are Whole30 compliant!

EPIC Bar – I have to admit, I was a bit skittish about trying EPIC bars at first. I mean meat in bar form just seemed weird. I expected them to have a jerky-like texture, but they have surprisingly light texture. I tried the Habanero Cherry Beef, Almond Cranberry Turkey, and Sriracha Chicken flavors. They were all pretty good and I would definitely recommend them as a protein option on the go, but I didn’t love them enough to eat them outside of that. Like LÄRABARs, make sure you check the ingredients since some flavors aren’t compliant.

Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almond Packs – While I probably could have made my own bags of almonds up, I was a bit worried about having issues with the border crossings to & from Mexico and so I decided to play it safe and buy prepacked ones. I liked that Blue Diamond had a raw almond option that was portioned out to 100 calorie packs. I definitely recommend buying a box and keeping a few packs in your bag in case of hunger emergencies!

Trader Joe’s Apple Fruit Bars – If you’re traveling domestically you can definitely throw a few apples in your bag, but once you cross the border that becomes a bit more difficult. Trader Joe’s Apple Fruit Bars are the perfect solution! They have 4 fun flavors and only contain two ingredients and both are in the name! I tried the Apple Strawberry and Apple Mango and both were delicious. I highly recommend them as a fruit replacement!

Justin’s Almond Butter Packets – It can get a bit tiring eating only nuts and bars, so I brought along some Justin’s Almond Butter packets in the hopes of being able to find an apple along the way to eat it with. Luckily most US airports do have apples and so I was able to enjoy some almond butter and an apple during a layover which was a great way to mix it up (and help me maintain my willpower not to try out Whataburger!).

GT’s Kombucha – So obviously I wasn’t able to bring GT’s Kombucha on my trip, but I did decide to give it a try last weekend and absolutely loved it. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like it and probably would have never tried it normally, but turns out I really like it! It also has helped with the heart burn that popped up around day 6 of the Whole30 which is an awesome side benefit! So far I’ve tried Gingerade, Strawberry Serenity, and Citrus and they are all pretty great. While Kombucha itself is allowed on the Whole30, be sure to check the label to make sure the only sweeteners they add after fermentation are fruit juices!

RXBAR – Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any RXBARs until after my trip. I did come across them yesterday and Wegmans and decided to try out a few flavors. I had the blueberry one for breakfast this morning and really enjoyed it. I like that they are pretty balanced with 12g to 14g of protein in each bar plus fruit and nuts! The texture is similar to a charleston chew which was interesting and a nice change of pace. I look forward to trying out some of their other flavors and will definitely be using them as my go to emergency meal replacements in the future! While most of their bars are Whole30 compliant, some do have cacao which is technically approved, but not if your eating it as a chocolate craving or dessert replacement.

Were your favorite Whole30 approved packaged food included in our list? If not let us know what else we should checkout!


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