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Eat Here: S.N.O.B.

Slightly North of Broad, or S.N.O.B. describes themselves as an “eclectic low country bistro with a contagious energy.” This description is pretty much spot on except it is more upscale fine dining than a bistro, in my opinion. If you are ever in Charleston, South Carolina, this place is a must, but heads up, you are definitely going to need reservations no matter what the day. Due to our hotel’s shuttle bus schedule, we arrived about 30 minutes earlier than our reservation. Luckily, a few parties had just left and they were able to seat us right away.


We had the option to sit at the chef’s table which allows you to watch the chefs cook, but we decided to pass for a window seat. As usual, we had poured over reviews and highlights on Yelp before arriving and already had a pretty good idea of things we wanted to try. The first thing on our list was one of their appetizers, grilled asparagus. Asparagus is not usually one of those things I get excited about but when it’s perfectly cooked and paired with country ham (that was really more like crispy prosciutto), a poached egg and crunchy potato crisps, all drizzled with a Dijon vinaigrette, you can’t help but continuously rave about it to everyone you know.


For our entrees, I decided on their duck breast that came with a savory blue cheese bread pudding, fig jam, Brussels sprouts, topped with a honey thyme reduction. While it was hard to believe that all of these bold flavors could come together to make a cohesive dish, I was pleasantly surprised by just how incredible this dish was. Kate went with one of their specials for the night, a prosciutto wrapped tilefish and broccoli rabe over a cheesy polenta, which was equally delicious and had us wondering why this was the first time we’ve ever come across tilefish.

IMG_0546_2 IMG_0556_2

For us, no meal is complete without dessert. We finished off our meal with their warm sour cream apple pie with cinnamon anglaise and a side of vanilla ice cream and fresh berries. This was easily the best apple pie either of us had ever had. The pie was unlike any apple pie we had ever tried. It was like they assembled the apples and then poured a custard over top so it could soak into all the cracks and spaces. The bite of the apples balanced out the creaminess of the custard and really set it apart from your standard apple pie. One of the best parts about this pie was the crust. It was almost like cotton candy, not in flavor of course, but in the sense that it literally melted in your mouth. In my book, no warm apple pie is complete without a scoop of vanilla ice cream and theirs added the perfect finishing touch. A side of fresh berries were a great bite of freshness that gave a lightness to what would be a fairly heavy dessert. Needless to say, Kate already has plans to try and recreate this dessert and our whole family is excited to be taste testers.


Although we have tons of new restaurants we’d like to try next time we’re in Charleston, our trip will not be complete without a stop at Slightly North of Broad to try out some more of their menu and get another slice of pie!

Ratings: Atmosphere: A+ ♦ Service: A+ ♦ Food: A+