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How To: Tackle The Thrift Store

When it comes to buying clothes, who doesn’t love adding the latest and greatest new arrivals from their favorite store to their closet? With spring in full force, though it feels like summer with a high of 91 degrees today (yikes), it’s time again to put away our warm sweaters and break out the shorts and sun dresses. Each season, I like to make a few purchases to freshen up my wardrobe. These shorts from Old Navy are pretty close to the top of my must have list, but for the most part Mission New Summer Wardrobe will start at the thrift store. To help you start to freshen up your look, I have a few tips and tricks for taking on your local thrift stores!

  1. Do Some Research. My town has about 4 different thrift stores. Over the years, I have figured out which ones carry what types of items. Some are better for things like furniture and cute knickknacks and others for clothing.
  2. Be Patient. Thrift store shopping isn’t a race. Taking time to go through each rack really pays off. Usually, I scan the racks once, picking up pieces that stand out and after trying on some stuff, I’ll go back and sift through every item on the rack one by one.
  3. Be Persistent. Thrift stores get new items in and are putting out new things almost every day. I recommend checking in every week or at least every other week, if you can. If there is a specific item you are looking for, talk to the owners! I’m always in search of Lilly Pulitzer and after frequent trips to one thrift store, the owners told me to call if I ever couldn’t make a trip in and they’ll put the items aside for me.
  4. Just Try It On. If you pick up an item that interests you in the slightest, just try it on, even if it’s not in your size. Because they are used, the size on the label isn’t always true to fit.
  5. Get Creative. When it comes to smaller items or even furniture sometimes you have to see the potential. I have one friend who furnished parts of her apartment with thrift store finds that she refurbished herself. It saved her a ton of money!
  6. Have Fun. Shopping, especially thrift shopping, is an adventure. Try not to give yourself a time limit and be sure enjoy yourself!

Not every trip will be successful. Over the past year I’ve picked up some really great items like 2 Lilly Pulitzer Skirts ($6 & $15), a Lilly Pulitzer sweater ($15) and a Brooks Brothers seersucker shift dress ($8). I would say about 1 in every 3 trips will be successful so don’t get discouraged if you leave empty handed! 

PS. Those Old Navy shorts are 30% off online today only! They come to about $15 using the code: ENJOY. 

Happy Shopping! 


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