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Thrift Store Find: Lilly Pulitzer Shift Dress

My local thrift store recently put out a ton of Lilly Pulitzer items, so much that I almost fainted just at the sight of all the bright patterns and prints. But when I came across this dress, I knew I had to have it. With Lilly getting more and more popular, I really love getting a few older prints that I’ve never seen before so I don’t have to worry about matching another girl at a party. Here’s how I styled my latest thrift store Lilly find.


Floppy hats are such a summer must have. Unfortunately, I folded this one up to put in my bag when I was going to the beach so it has some major kinks I need to work out. I’ll be sure to let y’all know how that goes!

While I love a good bright almost neon Lilly dress, calmer colors like these make this dress perfect for just about any daytime activity. I’ve worn it everywhere from church to graduation parties and lunch out with friends. 

My mom and I picked up these earrings 2 years ago at the Lilly Warehouse sale. They are easily one of my favorite pairs of statement earrings.

I actually wore this dress a few weeks ago, while I was at the beach. My cousin and I had a ton of fun capturing a few photos at sunset. There were a few pretty funny ones of me trying to fight the high powered winds coming off the ocean. I definitely lost that battle.


Needless to say, this dress has quickly become one of my favorite thrift store finds and I can’t wait to head back to the thrift store again to see what other pretty things I can find. Make sure you read up on my How To for tackling the thrift store!


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  1. Such a good find!! My thrift store always smells funny and all they have is recycled hunting camo and wranglers lol. No one here has ever heard of lilly!


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