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Graduation Dessert: Blue Velvet Macarons

This past weekend, we celebrated Tori’s graduation from Penn State. On Saturday night after graduation, we had a celebratory dinner with a few other families. I, of course, was in charge of dessert. We knew we needed at least one Penn State themed dessert and so when Tori suggested blue and white macarons, I knew that my red velvet macaron recipe would work perfectly.

Blue velvet Macaron 2

The great thing about red velvet macarons is that they can really be any color just by changing the food dye. The only thing to remember is that since there is cocoa powder in the cookie batter, lighter colors may not turn out as well as darker ones. To get a bright blue, we used Wilton royal blue food coloring.

blue velvet macaron 1

For us, the natural color of the cream cheese frosting worked out great, but if you’re school colors don’t include white, you could always used food coloring to change the color.

Red Velvet Macarons

We hope these macarons are as big of a hit at your party as they were at ours!


4 thoughts on “Graduation Dessert: Blue Velvet Macarons

  1. How did you get the color to work? When did you add the food coloring and how much? Was it a gel, powder??My macaron blue just doesn’t get that bright? More of a pastel every time


    1. I used liquid Wilton food coloring (royal blue) and added it to the whipped egg whites before the almond flour mixture was folded in. I kept adding coloring until it got close to the color I wanted, but slightly lighter since I knew the almond mixture would darken it a bit due to the cocoa powder. Hope this helps!


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