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Eat Here: Izu Sushi

Sushi is easily one of my favorite foods especially with the weather warming up. It’s so light and filling, making it perfect for summertime. Recently, my family and I went to Izu Sushi in Lansdale, PA and it instantly has become my go-to sushi place in the area. We were there around lunch time on a Saturday and it was not busy at all. They’ve got a great menu including traditional rolls, specialty rolls, teriyaki items, and sashimi. We ordered water but just so you know the restaurant is BYOB. The water was actually cucumber infused water which was extremely refreshing. We decided to order a few items to share as a table. Our first item was the Fuji Morning Roll which is a fried hot sushi roll filled with fish, avocado, and mango and topped with scallions, spicy mayo, sweet chili sauce and siracha. This was my favorite item of the whole meal. It was lightly fried but still very crispy on the outside and the sauces paired perfectly.
The Fuji Morning Roll was followed by 2 specialty rolls, “Kiss of Dragon” and “Ninja Turtle”  and 1 traditional roll, their crunchy spicy tuna.  “Kiss of Dragon” was pretty good but it was hard to tell because the “Ninja Turtle” roll was absolutely amazing. This roll is filled with spicy white tuna and yellow tail and tempura flakes and topped with avocado, honey wasabi sauce and wasabi tobiko (fish eggs). The sweet and spicy flavor of the honey wasabi sauce was like icing on the cake.

  The crunch spicy tuna roll was well made and definitely a step above your standard sushi. My Dad loves fried rice so we got an order of chicken fried rice for the table. This was easily some of the best fried rice I’ve had in a long time. The rice itself was light, almost fluffy and cooked perfectly. Overall, I cannot wait to go back to Izu. I’ll definitely be ordering the Ninja Turtle and Fuji Morning rolls again and I’m looking forward to trying out a few more of their specialty rolls as well.

Ratings: Atmosphere: A ♦ Service: A- ♦ Food: A+


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