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Drink This: White Whiskey Lemonade

With last weekend’s summer-like weather, I was able to break out my patio furniture and fire up the grill for the first time this year. Nothing says summer like a fruity cocktail, so I decided this would be the perfect chance to try out my new Vodka Zinger drink infuser and the J. Potts White Whiskey I picked up at Manatawny Still Works a few weeks ago. If you’ve never seen white whiskey before, it’s a whiskey that instead of being aged in barrels is just passed through them (a requirement to be called a whiskey) and then bottled. While I highly recommend J. Potts White Whiskey, if you don’t live where they distribute Manatawny Still Works products, Jim Beam also makes a white whiskey called Jacob’s Ghost.

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I decided to use leftover pineapple and strawberries I had from making sangria last week to infuse the whiskey. An hour later, my white whiskey was a pale pink and all ready to go. I had picked up a bottle of Italian Limoncellino soda at Bed, Bath, & Beyond earlier in the day and realized it would make a perfect mixer.


It turned out great! The fruit mellowed out the white whiskey without over powering it’s flavor and the lemon soda gave it just a little bit of fizz. If you can’t find lemon soda or don’t like bubbles you could definitely substitute a high quality lemonade such as Simply Lemonade.


Have you tried white whiskey? What’s your favorite cocktail to make using it?