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Eat Here: Bacco Italian Restaurant

Bacco is an amazing Italian restaurant in North Wales, PA. This is one of my family’s favorite restaurants. Now that all of us kids are out of the house, my parents go here at least once a week, usually Wednesday night. Needless to say, when we happen to be home on a Wednesday we tag along or on a weekend when we aren’t sure where we want to eat out, this tends to come to the top of the list. There a few things that make Bacco stand out from other local restaurants.


1. The Pizza – It is absolutely amazing and all of them are cooked in their brick oven! We’ve tried most of the pizza menu. A few of our favorites are the Brooklyn, Drunken Brooklyn (think Italian vodka sauce on pizza), and Buffalo Chicken.


2. The Entrees – While many times we just stick with pizza, occasionally we decide to get something different. Everything I have tried on the menu has been delicious. I think our favorite item on the menu is the Sugarosa. The other day, I ordered off their specials menu. The Salmon D’Oscar was simply to die for. A generous portion of salmon topped with an even more generous amount of crab and a light cream sauce with asparagus and potato croquet on the side. My dad, who doesn’t even like salmon, couldn’t stop stealing a few bites.


3. The Desserts –  They are  all made by one of the staff members. Their cheesecake is quite possibly the best cheesecake I have ever had or will ever have which is saying a lot since cheesecake is one of my specialties. Recently I also got to try their bread pudding which was just about as good as the cheesecake so it will be extremely hard to choose which to go with next time.


4. The Staff – Everyone here is so nice and friendly. Every time we go in, everyone who knows my parents makes sure they stop over and say hi and ask how everyone is doing.

5. Events – When you plan an event here, everything is always taken care of. I’ve been to two events hosted here. The first was a luncheon after a funeral service for a close family member. We had the side room reserved and the menu was a buffet. The staff was extremely helpful and kind and made sure everything went smoothly. The second event, was a much more happy affair, one of my closest friend’s bachelorette parties. They set up a large table for us and we had a prix fixe menu served family style. It included salad, pizza, pasta, a chicken dish, & dessert. There was tons of food and overall it was an amazing deal for the price.

Needless to say, I highly recommend both eating here or having your event here. They also have a great patio with outdoor seating for the summertime.


Ratings: Atmosphere: A ♦ Service: A+ ♦ Food: A+ ♦  Drinks: A