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Eat & Drink Here: Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

A few weeks ago, I was in Boston volunteering at a student conference. After a full day of giving presentations and judging competitions, my friend and I were definitely in need of a fancy cocktail. As  usual, Yelp came to the rescue and helped me find what is now one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in the North End. For the past year, my friend and I have been a bit obsessed with Spicy Margaritas and so when we saw that not only did Lolita have one on the menu but three variations of spicy margaritas, we were sold.

Once we got in (we did have to wait for a few minutes because they were at capacity, but for 9:30pm on a Saturday, less than five minutes didn’t seem too bad), we made our way to the back bar in the lounge area to order our first drinks. After spending a few minutes pouring over the drink menu, I decided on a Diablo and my friend tried the Naughty Pineapple. The drinks may seem a bit expensive, but watching the bartenders make them, you totally understand why. Each drink takes a good 2-5 minutes to create and a lot of elbow grease. Plus, I’d much rather pay $14 for an amazing drink than $8 for a mediocre one.


Our original plan for the night was to just hang out at the bar and get a drink or two, but after our first sip of our cocktails, we knew we were going to stick around. And so while we waited for two more of my friends to meet us, we decided to put our name in for a table thinking that we would just get an appetizer and continue to order drinks without having to vie for a spot at the bar. About a half hour later, all four of us were armed with drinks (two Spicy Cucumbers, another Naughty Pineapple, & a Ginger Peach Sangria) and were led to our table.

While we looked over the menu, our waitress brought us a complementary grapefruit granita and asked if we would like to have it topped off with a splash of tequila (which of course we said yes to). While we enjoyed the granita, we were brought another complementary item – chips and salsa. They were not just ordinary chips and salsa though. The chips were freshly made and came with three different salsas which were all unique and delicious.


Even though we were filling up on the chips, we knew we needed to order something other than another round of drinks and so we gave the vertical nachos a try. It’s not surprising that they too were pretty awesome. Essentially, they were an extremely delicious queso with beans & guacamole in the center and chips standing up throughout it. By this point in the night, we were pretty full, but we couldn’t pass up trying one of their tequila night caps.

Tequila Night Cap Menu

We decided on the Tequilamakesyourclothesfalloff which had chocolate infused tequila, smooth sweet cream, chocolate dipped strawberry, & chocolate shavings. It tasted like a super thick chocolate milk and was the perfect way to finish off an incredible night. The surprises, however, were not yet over because with our check came a cup overflowing with green apple cotton candy with pop rocks scattered through out it.

Here’s my breakdown of the margaritas we tried: 

Naughty Pineapple – Definitely the most unique of all the drinks. If you like spicy food, I recommend asking for it without the simple syrup and with extra spice.

Spicy Cucumber – Super refreshing with just the right amount of heat

Diablo – Fruity and Spicy at the same time

tequilamakesyourclothesfalloff – Somewhere between chocolate milk and a melted milkshake, if you love chocolate its a must try!

Overall the atmosphere, service, food, & drinks were all amazing and I will definitely be going to Lolita for dinner the next time I visit Boston!

Ratings: Atmosphere: A ♦ Service: A+ ♦ Food: A+ ♦  Drinks: A++


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