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Eat Here: Miracle of Science Bar & Grill

Where do you go to eat after a full day at MIT for a Chemical Engineering Conference? The Miracle of Science Bar & Grill in Cambridge of course! As luck would have it, I remembered reading an article about the Miracle of Science a few years ago and so when we decided to grab dinner in Cambridge before heading back to our hotel in downtown Boston, I decided to try googling it. Luckily, not many places in Boston fit the description of periodic table restaurant so it was pretty easy to find. What the Miracle of Science may lack in size (it is only about 10 tables plus the bar) it definitely makes up for in charm. The one wall is devoted to the food menu, which as I mentioned before, is set up like the periodic table.

IMG_0957  On tap, you’ll find craft brews from breweries throughout New England. Of course, it too sticks with the periodic table theme.


I decided to go with the Wachusett Pale Ale to drink and the Chicken Sandwich to eat. The beer was good, but the Chicken Sandwich was definitely the surprise star of the evening. It came on a fantastic roll and was served with habanero mustard and a side of fried potatoes with a great spicy tomato sauce. It was definitely one of the best chicken sandwiches I have ever had. If you should ever find yourself in Cambridge, I highly recommend stopping in for a quick lunch or dinner!

Rating: Ambiance: A ♦ Service: A ♦ Food: A+ ♦ Drinks: A-