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How To: Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Parade Party

If your town is like mine, the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day is a very important day….Parade Day! This year, instead of trying to brave the crowds at the bar, my roommate & I decided to throw a party. Of course, no parade day party would be complete without a boozy brunch of kegs & eggs! And so our day begins with a great brunch spread, spiked coffee & hot chocolate, and lots of super yummy desserts. Hopefully, our menu gives you some great ideas for your next parade day party or boozy brunch!



Our Apartment

Number of Guests

About 30 People


Facebook Event


It’s St. Patrick’s Day – So Green is a Must!

The Menu


Potatoes, Eggs, & Sausage

French Toast Casserole

Breakfast Meatballs

Irish Soda Bread

Beer Bread & Cheddar Guinness Dip


Mini Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes 

Black & Tan Brownies

Lucky Charms Treats

Irish Potato Candy


Spiked Hot Chocolate & Coffee Bar

Irish Car Bombs

Assorted Beer, Wine, & Mixed Drinks

Tips & Hints

Potatoes, Eggs, & Sausage:  The great thing about potatoes, eggs, & sausage is it is super easy to scale up or down. You can also fry up the potatoes & sausage the night before and reheat them the morning of while you cook the eggs! Then you throw it all in a slow cooker to keep warm & you’re set for the morning!

French Toast Casserole: French Toast Casseroles are perfect for morning parties since all the work is done the night before. In the morning, you just have to throw your prepared pan in the oven and bake! Plus if you make them in disposable pans, clean up is a breeze!

Breakfast Meatballs: The great thing about breakfast meatballs is you can make them ahead and then freeze them. After you heat them back up, much like the potatoes, eggs, & sausage, you can put them in a slow cooker to stay warm throughout the brunch.

Spiked Hot Chocolate & Coffee Bar: If you’re like me and don’t have a coffee maker, just stop by your local coffee shop and get to go jugs of coffee. Or better yet, when someone asks you what to bring ask them to pick up the coffee! Some great liquors to spike your hot chocolate or coffee with are Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps, Bailey’s, Whiskey, & Rumchata.

Irish Car Bombs: Whenever my friends & I make Irish Car Bombs, we always make them into smaller versions by splitting the Guinness into 2-3 cups and then dropping slightly less than a mixed shot of whiskey & Irish cream. You still get enjoy the great flavor of the Car Bomb, but don’t fill up quite so fast!

Other: If you’re going to have a large party, definitely put out cards identifying all the food. That way people don’t have to find you to ask questions and are far more likely to try something new!


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