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Montana Must-Haves

To celebrate Beartooth Highway’s official opening for the 2018 season last Friday (6/1), we thought it would be a great time to share some of our must-haves from our trip to Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks back in 2016.

Montana Must-Haves

While hiking and driving around Montana (and Wyoming) there were a few items we absolutely could not have lived without:

  1. SNACKS: alright y’all the real MVP of this trip was the Costco sized bag of trailmix and peanut butter filled pretzels. With the 4am wake up calls and long drives, these snacks were perfect to munch on to keep our blood sugar up and tummies happy! We picked up some ziplock bags as well and packed up portion sizes of each to keep on hand in our backpacks while we were out hiking!
  2. 3-in-1 Jacket: In Montana the weather was all over the place some days, chilly mornings, hot afternoons, rain, fog, you name it! Tori picked up a 3-in-1 Northface jacket from their outlet and it was perfect all trip no matter what mother nature threw our way!
  3. Backpack with a rain cover: When you’re in the middle of a long hike and it starts to downpour there’s not much you can do. Since we were carrying things like cellphones, DSLR cameras and other goods, having a backpack with a rain cover gave us peace of mind that all of our stuff would stay dry!
  4. Beanies & Ball Caps: Some mornings in Montana would be as low as 25F and then heat up to about 75F in the afternoon. We pretty much always had our Love Your Melon beanies and ball caps either on our head or in our backpacks! TIP: throw your ball cap on when its raining! It help keeps your hood on your head and rain off your face when the wind starts to pick up!
  5. A Good Playlist: While in Glacier National Park and traveling through mountains, a cell signal is pretty much no where to be found. Luckily Tori has Spotify Premium and was able to download different music onto her phone throughout the trip which was pretty much a lifesaver!

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p.s. Going to the Sun Road in Glacier isn’t open yet, but you can find out when it does here!