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Christmas Sugar Cookies

For years, we avoided making sugar cookies because decorating them with royal icing just seemed like too much of a hassle given the number of other cookies we make (check out #12CookiesofChristmas posts to see what else makes it onto our cookie tray!). Finally, a few years ago, I decided with all of my decorating knowledge, I should be able to make royal icing correctly.

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Turns out I was right! After finding the right sugar cookie recipe from Sweetopia that makes cookies that don’t spread while baking giving nice crisp edges, I was able to a make almost professional looking sugar cookies! Our sugar cookie and icing recipe is very easy to make, but you need to make sure you chill the dough at each step it says to.

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When you are ready to ice, I recommend the outline and flow method where you outline each cookie in thicker icing and then come right behind with a thinner icing to color in the lines. If you do it correctly the line should blend into the flowed icing giving you a perfect cookie (it definitely takes some practice). I also have found that using Wilton Squeeze Bottles instead of piping bags makes it infinitely easier. You might still need to use a piping bag for any small detail work, but for icing larger designs the bottles work great and are a lot less messy! As far as food coloring goes, I used the new Wilton Color System and it was a lot easier than using regular Wilton food coloring.

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