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Packing for My Italian Soirée

Unlike Tori, I absolutely hate clothes shopping and so I typically wait until I am going to an event or on a trip to buy a bunch of clothes all at once. My trip to Italy was one such occasion and so 2 weeks ago I convinced Tori and our mom to join me on my clothes buying safari. Packing for a two week long trip is definitely not easy and so in order to make sure I had enough to mix and match plus a variety of shoe options, I brought home everything that I thought I might want to bring. From there, we hit up some of our favorites: Old Navy & Marshalls and bought anything we thought might work. That night I put on a mini fashion show for Tori (who wasn’t able to join us for the actual shopping trip ) and we decided what to keep and what to return and then made a list of what we had left. At this point I also made a list of what type of outfits I would need each day so we could make sure that I wasn’t packing too many dresses and not enough pants.

Rustic Mornings (1)

On day 2 of our shopping extravaganza, we headed out to Kohl’s to try to fill in the gaps we had remaining. One exhausting day and way too much money later, we had just about everything. 

On Sunday we did one final check and I made Tori help me take pictures of each outfit so I would remember what we were thinking and could make sure I packed the right things for my mini trips out from Milan. Taking pictures definitely made it much easier not to forget things, plus it made it easy to see what I still might want to pick up if I could find it, like gold flats.
I can’t wait to wear all my new clothes! But for now they are packed into a 49.5lb bag safely stowed under our plane! Be sure to look out for #ItalianSoiree2015 to keep track of all my adventures in the next two weeks!