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Drink This: Dogfish Head Sixty-One Minute

A few weeks ago someone asked me what my favorite beer was and I was a bit surprised to realize that I didn’t even have to think about it. Typically when someone asks me my favorite of just about anything, I find it extremely hard to narrow it down to just one thing. That’s why I was so shocked that without even thinking I answered Dogfish Head Sixty-One Minute.

Dogfish Head Sixty-One Minute

So what makes Dogfish Head Sixty-One Minute so special? Well let’s start out with the concept – beer and wine mixed together. Intrigued? I sure was. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, not only are you mixing two things that aren’t quite complimentary, but the beer base is Dogfish Head Sixty Minute IPA. As we all know, I detest IPAs and their grapefruity citra hops. One taste, however, and I was sold. The wine portion, which isn’t so much wine as syrah grapes added during brewing, really helps balance out the hops and creates a highly drinkable beer with an ABV slightly higher than the average beer but less than the average wine at 6.5%. As if the concept and flavor weren’t enough to win me over, I love how well Sixty-One minute pairs with food. With suggested pairings of everything from sushi to apple pie, it’s the perfect drink to choose when you aren’t quite in a wine mood, but you don’t think beer will pair well. So what are you waiting for? Go pick up a 4 Pack of Sixty-One Minute to enjoy this weekend or save it for next weekend for your Labor Day Barbecue!