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How To Build A Statement Necklace Collection

I have a serious addiction to buy statement necklaces! I love how they take a simple sweater and make it look like you really spent time getting ready. The key to getting great statement necklaces is time and patience. Here is the best example, I was at T.J.Maxx last week with my Mom looking at a few things when I came across this GORGEOUS gold and light blue/mint green layered tassel necklace in the clearance counter. It was priced at $20 which is a great price but for someone with as many statement necklaces as me, it wasn’t really worth it. One week later I was back at the same store and low & behold, the same necklace was there but it was marked down further to $10 which is DEFINITELY worth it! When it comes to buying fashion jewelry getting a good price is really important. A lot of this jewelry isn’t made to last. It will break easier and fade faster than you know. It’s much less upsetting when you didn’t spend a ton on it to begin with. Here are some things I do when looking to buy statement necklaces!

Have A Budget:

I have rules when it comes to buying certain items and one of them is a price cap. I will not spend over $30 on a statement necklace! For me, these are just accessories and not investment pieces, so spending anything over $30 just seems silly in my mind! Having a budget will keep you from spending too much on one piece and save you from buyers guilt later on!

Imagine The Possibilities:

It is very rare that I buy a necklace to go with one dress. The best way to buy statement necklaces is to compliment a neckline or color. I have 2 pink statement necklaces (one light pink and one bubble gum pink) that are meant to go with darker colors like navy and black. Some necklaces are specifically for crew neck sweaters or t-shirts and others go better with a v-neck! It’s important that the necklace will work well with multiple pieces of clothing. Whenever I am really not sure about a necklace, I’ll buy it, bring it home, and try it with a few outfits. Sometimes, I find it goes so well with a ton of my clothes and other times I find it doesn’t lay right or doesn’t match like I imagined! It’s also important to make sure that the necklace isn’t too similar to something you already have!

Follow the Sales: 

One place I find some really cool statement necklaces is Old Navy! Their jewelry is in store only and they have a ton of different options when it comes to statement necklaces. One of my favorite necklaces, a gold lace bib necklace I bought last fall from Old Navy. While I was working there, I would stare at that necklace all day! I knew I had to have it but Old Navy is one of those stores that’s constantly having sales. After a few weeks, the jewelry went on sale and I ended up getting the necklace for about $15! Other places I look at statement necklaces are outlet stores like Express and J.Crew factory!

Collect Over Time: 

I remember my freshmen year that those tiered bubble necklaces were HUGE! They were the must-have item for any college girl and I remember enviously eyeing any girl who owned one. I knew a few girls who had them in literally every color. Being the poor college student I was I waited until a jewelry designer I followed on:m had a flash sale and ended up buying my very first statement necklace, a pink bubble necklace for $8. While I still love that necklace and will wear it on occasion, it’s definitely not considered as “trendy” anymore so I’m glad I didn’t buy more than one! It’s important not to get over excited about any trend because after all it is a trend and it will go  out of style sooner or later! I usually add 1-2 statement necklaces to my collection each season and do a mix of chunky and simple!

I really just love wearing statement necklaces because they can really change the look of any basic outfit! Add a bright chunky necklace for a fun day-time look or switch it out for a dark sparkly tiered necklace for an edgier look for a night out on the town! I hope my tips will help you build your statement necklace collection! I’ll be sure to let y’all know if I come across any other great statement necklaces for fall!