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Thirsty Thursday: Tips for Drinking More Water

Our whole family has been doing the 5 Day Summer Reset this week so we’re going to stay on the healthy train today for Thirsty Thursday! I’m going to just put it out there, I am not a water drinker. For the last few years, I was lucky if I drank more than two cups everyday. That’s definitely changed in the last month or so. We all know the benefits of drinking water like no extra calories or sugars, fending off hunger, helping brighten your complexion, and the list goes on. With that being said here is how I went from no water to at least 6 cups a day and a few other things that may help you too!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle:

A few months ago, I got the FabFitFun summer box and if you used a code during checkout you would receive 2 additional items, sunscreen and a fruit infuser. Before I got the infuser, I never saw the appeal of adding fruit into your water but once I tried it I was hooked. I think for me, my biggest problem was that I just didn’t enjoy drinking water. It was so bland and if it was warm, nope, no way is that going to be refreshing. One of the first fruits I tried was frozen berries, the water tasted like raspberries for the most part and it turned the water pink (probably my favorite thing). The important thing for me was that it didn’t taste like water anymore so when I drank it, it was more because it tasted so great and not so much me forcing myself to stay hydrated. I definitely recommend buying an infuser instead of throwing fruit into a regular bottle because the infuser will keep the fruit from floating in your face when you take a sip! Other fruits & veggies to try are cucumbers, mint, watermelon, or others you just enjoy eating!

Create a Routine:

I almost always fill up my fruit infuser bottle before bed so the fruit can do its thing overnight and I can grab and go before work! I do the same thing at lunch time so when I go to leave, I have water to drink on the ride home. This guarantees I have at least two bottles of water each day. Because I work in a lab I can’t leave a water bottle out to sip on whenever, but if you work in an office like Kate, keep a bottle on your desk! If work gets stressful grab the bottle, take a walk around the office and fill it up! It’ll give you a chance to breath and ensure you are staying hydrated in the process before you tackle more work!

Listen to Your Body:

I think one of the things I heard my mom say the most when I was growing up when I would complain I was still hungry after dinner was to get a drink, that I was probably just thirsty. And for the most time she was right (thanks mom!). Before you go to grab a snack, consider drinking some water or tea first and seeing it it was really hunger or just hidden dehydration! Sorry, this second part sounds kind of gross but check your pee! It’s incredible what our bodies will tell us if we pay attention. Dark yellows or gold is your body’s way of saying “I need more water!” You’ll know you’re hydrated when you see clear light yellow!

I think the most important thing is finding the real reason you don’t drink enough water. Is it because you don’t enjoy the taste like me, or maybe you don’t have a water cooler at work, or do you just hate your water bottle? Invest in a pretty water bottle that’s functional too and create a routine! My water bottle infuser has a decal on the bottom that says “Grab life by the excercise balls.” It always cracks me up and motivates me at the same time. I also think it’s great when people carry two water bottles and have the times written on lines saying by 3pm I should have drank at least this much from my bottle!

What tips and tricks do you have to drink more water?