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Five Things To Do After You Get Engaged

I certainly do not feel like a pro at this subject, as I have only been engaged for five months right now. However, I can say with confidence that I had absolutely no idea what to do right after I got engaged. Some things are instinct, like telling your people and dreaming up ideas, but questions like, “when do I ask my bridesmaids to be in the wedding?” not so much. This post is less about the timeline and more about the moment. In later weeks, I’ll be sharing my wedding planning timeline and talking through more “now what?” details. Until then, here are my top five things to do after you say, “yes!”10856660_10153425358551521_7132363731748933800_o

  1. Take it in. Breathe. Soak in the sweetness. Odds are, you’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time and now it has come. Kauland and I went horseback riding the day of the engagement, and he proposed right before a surprise picnic he had planned. We were (seemingly) the only ones out there, minus our tour guide and two of our friends who had helped Kauland capture the moment. None of my friends were forewarned about this surprise, so it truly felt like a moment I had power over. I got to ask the questions of, “How will I tell them? When will I tell them?” After our picnic, we took some time to walk around and process what I had just said, “yes” to.   That hour that we spent together before telling others is so precious to me now.


  1. Celebrate! This is your moment; so don’t feel selfish by wanting to over celebrate it! Lucky for me, he proposed on New Year’s Eve, so it felt like the whole world was celebrating our engagement.
  1. Talk about dates.  This is a great time to scratch the surface of planning by thinking of what season you want your wedding to be in. Have you always dreamed of a backyard summer wedding? Or perhaps a winter wonderland is more your thing. I warn you against jumping to a specific date right away. Be open to discussion not just with your person, but with your families, too.


(This is the night of the engagement, also happened to be New Year’s Eve. Say hi to my future brother-in-law in the background!) 

  1. Buy ALL THE MAGAZINES! I am not telling you that they are the most practical item to purchase, but I am telling you that they are worth it. If nothing else, wedding magazines will reinforce this new idea that you are actually getting married. I had my post-its all over those magazines, and it really did help get my thoughts headed in the right direction.
  1. Pinterest. Need I say more? This board will not only help you visualize, but it will help your Maid of Honor, as well as any vendors you may work with. It is crucial that everyone is on the same page as you, and this is an easy and free way to do so.

Don’t be overwhelmed yet by the details. Think big picture! What season? Big or small? Any idea about what style dress? It’s totally fine if you don’t have these answers now, but they’re a good jumping point. I made the mistake of getting stuck in the details too soon. If that’s you right now, I suggest you take a breather and step back. This is a beautiful time in your life, so try and remember it all! I have been keeping a journal through this season, hoping that someday I can look back on it and remember these moments.

Smell the roses, because the sweetness of this time is yours to claim.


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