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Kentucky Derby: What To Wear

Thanks to the Vineyard Vines line, when I think of the Kentucky Derby, I think of beautiful pastel dresses, a little bit of seersucker, the perfect pair of wedges and of course you can’t forget the hat. If you’re planning on dressing up for the Kentucky Derby this year and are raiding your closet with no success, have no fear because I’ve found a few dresses perfect for the occasion.

Kentucky Derby Dresses

Going from left to right: (1) Embroidered Floral Lace Dress (2) Sleeveless Flare Dress**

(3) White Floral Print Lace Dress (4) Floral Flare Dress (5) Split-Neck Dress**

**Other colors available

These dresses right here are why I love shopping at New York & Company. They carry so many different styles  that there’s something to compliment every body type, plus if you shop at the right time, you can usually get a great deal. They tend to run $25 off of $50 types of promos fairly often so keep your eye out if there’s an item you’ve been wanting! Another bonus with these dresses here and most NY&C dresses is that they can easily be dressed up or down making them suitable for almost any occasion. Whether it’s running errands on a warm summer day or date night on the weekends, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of them.

Happy Shopping!


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