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What To Wear: Early Spring

With temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees during the day and going down to 40 degrees at night, I’m not ready for summer dresses and sandals quite yet. These 3 looks are perfect to transition you to spring while still keeping warm when the weather drops. Its still a little too cold here in Pennsylvania but these outfits were wonderful for the weather down in Charleston last week!

Look #1: April Showers

I really love mixing up patterns. Here, I have my white denim capris paired with a white and hot pink linen shirt. This look is finished off with my cheetah trench coat which is perfect for any rainy day.

Look #2: Chilly Daytime

This look was featured in my What to Wear: Easter post a few days ago, but I swear by this dress. Lilly really outdid themselves on this one. This material is lightweight but thick enough to block out the wind. The 3/4 sleeves keep your arms warm so you can skip the jacket if its sunnier. I love how it makes you look so well put together without any effort!

Look #3: Night Out On the Town

Whether you’re going out on a date or meeting up with friends for drinks, this outfit is the way to go. I was always very unsure about the whole jumpsuit trend but I actually really love it. There are so many different kinds out there that it makes it pretty easy to find a style that will compliment your body type. I picked this one up from my local Ross store for $17.99!

At first, I was a little worried about the yellow because it’s another one of those colors (green being the other one) that I usually avoid. I never dreamed it would look good on me with my platinum blonde hair but once I put it on, I was in love. There’s no harm in just trying different styles and trends. Like my mom always says, “just try it on!” You might be surprised by just how good it looks on you!