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St. Patrick’s Day Desserts: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Over the past three years, I’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in a number of ways and in a number of towns, but one thing that has remained consistent is the dessert I bring with me to parties: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I knew right away when I found the recipe on the Brown Eyed Baker Blog that it was going to be a winner, and I was not disappointed. For those of you who haven’t heard about Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes, here is what you need to know. It’s a chocolate stout cupcake made with Guinness, filled with Jameson chocolate whiskey ganache, and topped with Irish Cream Frosting. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Add a St Patrick’s day or green cupcake liner and some Shamrock Sprinkles and you are all set.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you are throwing a large party, I recommend making them mini. That way you’ll have twice as many and it will let people sample other desserts instead of filling up on just one cupcake!    photo_2


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  1. One of my favorites! Good luck with your new venture. I’ll be sure to check in to see what my girls have been up to.


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